The Boy is a young male and protagonist of Inside. Not much is known about the boy's history, name, or age.

Background Edit

The Boy's background is mostly shrouded in mystery. All that is known about him is that security guards throughout the game either kill or capture him when he is spotted.

Abilities Edit

Unlike the controlled, zombie-like people present in the game, the Boy exerts self-consciousness and the ability to critically think. Like any other human, the Boy can walk, run, crawl, swim, and jump. The Boy also displays a surprising amount of strength, able to climb ladders and ropes quickly, pull heavy objects, and lift his body up edges. He seems to be knowledgeable with machinery as well, as he is able to pilot pod-like submarines and use various machines in the city and factory without much difficulty.

After gaining the ability to breathe underwater, the Boy is then able to stay underwater without surfacing as well as withstand great amounts of underwater pressure. Alongside this is the ability to mind-control other humans without the need of the yellow-lighted helmet seen in earlier parts of the game.